WAAST Prayer Guide – November 27, 2022


Flooding, terrorism and the attendant refugee crises, mudslides, Ebola and other diseases—various disasters affect millions in Africa. Lack of potable water, a long trek to the nearest clinic, no educational opportunities for a handicapped child—these are everyday realities for many. Many WAAST students and alumni help meet people’s physical needs, through national-church projects or NGOs, through the church they pastor, or on their own initiative. Some work with drug addicts and orphans. Increasingly, they and their churches serve displaced people who have lost virtually everything due to terrorist activity. Some work in areas where the gospel meets resistance, but a cup of fresh water opens doors. Providing relief in disasters and permanent improvements for communities is wonderful, but temporal, and the message of salvation these workers share brings people eternal hope and life!

Please pray

  • that the Lord would bless those who serve others, granting them the needed strength, resources, wisdom, and personnel to minister effectively;
  • that in meeting serious social and physical needs, workers would not lose sight of the main goal: bringing people to eternal salvation;
  • for divine favor and freedom to work in resistant areas, and that communities of believers may be established there in these places;
  • for those working to help those who have been displaced and traumatized by terrorists. May the Lord use His people to bring total healing to their hearts, minds, and bodies.