Extension Centers

The development of extension centers in other cities of West and Central Africa have made WAAST’s BTh and Diploma programs more accessible to busy pastors and church leaders. Since the inception of the first center in the mid-1990s, enrollment has increased more than tenfold, to more than 500 students. Centers are located in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Madagascar, Senegal, and Sierra Leone.

The extension centers follow the same block-session format as the central campus, offering two courses in each three-week block. Dates of sessions are different for each center.

Application can be made and testing done at each extension site. For application information, course schedule, and testing dates, please contact the appropriate extension center coordinator.


Locations and Contact Information

Burkina Faso

Faculté de Théologie des Assemblées de Dieu, 01 B.P. 458, Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO. Courses are taught in French.

Coordinator: Rev. Josué Dipama

Contact: dipamaj@yahoo.fr or josue.dipama@gmail.com +226 78 82 13 09

Côte d’Ivoire

Institut Théologique et Pastoral, B.P. 1639, Daloa, COTE D’IVOIRE. Courses are taught in French.

Coordinator: Dr. Daplex Ouentchist Honoré

Contact: daplexhonore@yahoo.fr


Ecole Biblique du Plein Evangile, B.P. 337, Mbalmayo, CAMEROON. Because of the bilingual nature of this country, courses are taught in either French or English.

Coordinator: Dr. Felix Niba

Contact: felixniba@gmail.com

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Eglise de L’Arche de l’Alliance, 2294, Route Masina Petro Congo, B.P. 7743, Kinshasa, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO. Courses are taught in French.


Institute Biblique et Théologique des Assemblies de Dieu, #8 Route Kinsevère, Commune Annexe, Lubumbashi

Co-coordinator: Dr. Marcel Bomboko

Co-coordinator: Dr. Cécile Bomboko

Contact: marcel_bomboko@yahoo.fr


FATAD Gabon, B.P. 5136, Libreville, GABON. Courses are taught in French.

Coordinator: Rev. Gary Dickinson

Contact: gabon@fatad.org


Assemblies of God Institute of Higher Learning, P.O. Box SE2692, Suame, Kumasi, GHANA. Courses are taught in English.

Co-coordinator: Dr. Chris Dzoagbe

Contact: paschris@gmail.com +233 244 256 950 or +233 208 429 932

Co-coordinator: Dr. Gideon Panka

Contact: gideon_panka@yahoo.com +233 203 987 882 or +233 244 874 787


B.P. 14043 105 Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR. Courses are taught in French.

Coordinator: Dr. Jim Thacker

Contact: jim.thacker@agwmafrica.org


Institut Biblique Sénégalais, B.P.: 34 780, Dakar (Keurmassar), SENEGAL. Courses are taught in French.

Coordinator: Rev. Waly Sarr

Contact: senegal@fatad.org

Sierra Leone

Evangel Bible College, 13 Frazer Street, Murray Town, Freetown, SIERRA LEONE. Courses are taught in English.

Coordinator: Rev. Alfred Ensa

Contact: rev_johnagape@yahoo.com