Admission to the Master of Arts Program

Spiritual Requirements

To demonstrate satisfactory Christian character and maturity for admission to AGGST, the applicant must

  • Be a member of a church in full fellowship with the Assemblies of God or such other church group as is approved by the Board of Administration. In all cases, if there is a lack of space, Assemblies of God members will have priority. Students from African churches not in full fellowship with the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance (AAGA) will be required to pay a higher rate for tuition and housing. This may be waived if the church is giving financial support to the general budget of the school.
  • Be recommended by the appropriate official of the Assemblies of God Church in his or her country.
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit with the biblical evidence described in Acts 2: 4.
  • Give testimony of the call of God on his or her life and commitment to full-time ministry for God.
  • Have at least 2 years of full-time ministry experience.

Academic Requirements

The applicant must hold an acceptable bachelor’s degree, with a 3.0 minimum grade point average. He or she must have a minimum of 24 credit hours in biblical and theological studies, with a balance in Old and New Testament studies. If English is not the first language of the applicant, he or she must successfully pass an English proficiency entrance exam.

Health Requirements

The applicant must be certified by a qualified medical authority and deemed capable of carrying the course of studies.

Approval Process

New students are accepted one time each year, for the 13-week session beginning in May. Applications are considered for approval only after the entire packet of information has been submitted to the Registrar’s office.

The admission procedure is as follows:

  1. The prospective student should obtain an application packet from the receptionist and pay the prescribed fee. He or she can download the application from this Web site and pay the processing fee when submitting the completed packet.
  2. The prospective student should send the proper documents to verify his or her academic qualifications. For any post-secondary academic work, transcripts from other Bible institutes, Bible colleges, or universities should be sent to WAAST for evaluation.
  3.  The application packet should be completed and returned to AGGST.
  4. The church recommendation letter is to be signed by the national leader of the Assemblies of God church in the student’s home country or by his designated representative. If the prospective student is not a member of the Assemblies of God, he or she needs both a recommendation letter from the national leader of the Assemblies of God church and his or her own denominational leader.
  5. The prospective student should select one of the dates when the entrance exam is offered, register in advance for that examination session with the receptionist, and pay the examination fee. The student is encouraged to contact the school for his or her results.
  6. After the Registrar has received all the materials, including passing scores on the examinations and all the forms in the application packet, the file will be presented to the Board of Administration for approval. If approved, the prospective student will be notified by the Registrar’s office.