Financial Policies and Financial Aid

Financial Policies

WAAST and AGGST follow these financial policies:

  • All tuition and fees are to be paid in full to the business office at the beginning of the semester or MA session.
  • Tuition for independent study is the same rate as tuition for regular sessions. Tuition is also required of all students enrolled for thesis credit.
  • Any financial penalties incurred during a semester or MA session must be paid to the business office before the student leaves at the end of that session. Students with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to begin the next session until their debts are paid.
  • Students preparing to graduate must settle all accounts before being cleared to participate in graduation exercises.
  • Solicitation of any kind on campus is not allowed.

The cost of books and other materials is in addition to tuition charges. All tuition and fees are subject to periodic review and may be changed. The current fee schedule may be obtained from the Business Office or here.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Limited funds are available to assist students who have great financial need. First-year students do not qualify for financial aid. Students in the second and third years of study who have limited sources for support may submit a financial aid application to the business office. All decisions concerning the distribution of financial aid are made by the Board of Administration and apply for only one semester or MA session. A new application must be submitted for each semester or session for which a student requests financial aid. Those who receive financial aid should be aware of these guidelines:

  • If the source of aid is other than WAAST, the student is responsible to contact the sponsor and have the sponsor make arrangements with WAAST to send payment before the beginning of any semester or MA session.
  • If a student receives financial aid that includes meals, those funds will be disbursed directly to the cafeteria director for that student. No funds will be given directly to the student. This is to insure that the funds are used for their designated purpose and to protect the health of the student.