WAAST Campus, Lomé, Togo

WAAST and AGGST’s central campus is located about five kilometers north of downtown Lomé, the capital of the Republic of Togo. It is easily accessible to the international airport. The campus covers about fifteen acres of land and includes a chapel, library, student dining hall, administration complex, dormitories for more than 200 students, classrooms, and faculty housing.

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Physical Facilities


The library is a modern, air-conditioned facility with computerized technical and Internet services. It contains approximately 59,000 volumes and online access to hundreds of journals. A trained librarian and staff serve the faculty and student body.

Computer Lab

Twenty modern desktop computers are available for WAAST students. A computer technician is available to assist the students with technical and printing needs.


At the beginning of each session, the business office operates a bookstore, which supplies all of the textbooks needed for the courses. On occasion used books or photocopies are provided when the text is out of print.

Administration Complex

The administration complex is comprised of administrative and faculty offices, a faculty lounge and a professors lounge, the business office, and the reception area.

Residence Halls

The dormitories and apartments are equipped with wardrobe closets, beds, study tables and chairs, flush toilets, running water, and screened verandas.

Dining Hall

African food is prepared and served in a lively and informal atmosphere. Mealtime is a time of peaceful relaxation and fellowship.

Student Chapel

Located on the ground floor of the multipurpose building, across from the library, the student chapel hosts the chapel services and various prayer meetings held throughout the week.

Athletic Facilities

Facilities are provided for volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Students are required to participate in physical activities twice each week.