General Objectives

The graduate from WAAST should be able to

– Demonstrate spiritual maturity by his or her attitudes, values, personal consecration, faithfulness, cooperation, and dedication to Christian principles.

– Give evidence of his or her commitment to the Pentecostal requisites by living a Spirit-filled, Spirit-endued, and Spirit-directed life.

– Show a vision for world evangelism by encouraging active cross-cultural missions inasmuch as no church is truly indigenous unless it is missionary.

– Demonstrate that he or she has sound knowledge of biblical exegesis and biblical theology.

– Give evidence that general education in social studies and sciences has augmented his or her effectiveness in Christian service.

– Show ministerial skills in study habits, administration, human relations, and methods of teaching.

– Demonstrate increased effectiveness in Christian service in the local church context or give evidence of readiness to enter into further studies.

– Give evidence that he or she is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise, and rest.

– Express Christian cultural values in terms of refinement, appreciation, and social attitudes and skills.

– Demonstrate that he or she is committed to continued growth subsequent to the campus experience.

– Perform on a level equivalent to the graduates of institutions with similar programs anywhere in the world.