Library Regulations

To show respect to all who use the library and for its holdings, students are asked to

  • Refrain from marking in any library book or periodical. Those found doing so will be required to pay to replace the book and will lose library privileges until this payment is made to the business office.
  • Refrain from tearing out pages or parts of pages from any library book or periodical. This act will result in serious disciplinary action from WAAST.
  • Return library books and periodicals to the carts designated for used books. Students are not to replace them on the shelves. The large dictionaries should be left open after use.
  • Maintain silence in the library and respect the rights of others to study.
  • Refrain from bringing children into the library.
  • Refrain from bringing food or drink into the library. Failure to comply will result in a 2-day suspension from the library.
  • Refrain from putting feet on the tables or leaning back in the chairs.
  • Use all books, periodicals, and reference books only in the library. No materials can be taken from the building without authorization. The penalty for failure to comply is a 2-week suspension of library privileges, as determined by the Board of Administration.
  • See the library staff to borrow reserved books, which are located behind the library counter. These books may be used in the library for a 2-hour period.
  • Leave all book bags and briefcases on the shelves outside in front of the library.
  • Take all personal books or belongings out of the library and off of the outside shelves when leaving at night.
  • Respect the library hours posted on the library door.
  • Return used books to the book carts upon leaving the library.
  • Make no attempt to repair any books, equipment, or machinery. Students who do so may be held responsible for any further damages. Any damaged materials, equipment, or machinery should be reported to the library staff.
  • Turn off cell phones in the library. Violators will receive a 2-day suspension from the library.
  • Take care not to access inappropriate materials when using the Internet computers provided at the front of the library for research. Students should not take undue time to surf the Net and thus keep other students from having access.

Computer Lab Regulations

The student computer lab is located across from the library and is open only to students who are currently enrolled. Non-WAAST personnel are not allowed in the computer lab. Students are asked to follow the guidelines for operating the computers and the instructions of the computer lab supervisor. Students who do not comply with these regulations will forfeit the privilege of using the lab. Students must

  • Refrain from changing computer settings.
  • Respect the hours of operation posted on the door of the computer lab.
  • Pay for any copies printed on the computer lab printer. The rate is posted in the computer lab.
  • Refrain from bringing food or drink into the computer lab.
  • Sign up with the supervisor to use a computer. During busy hours, a student is expected to limit his or her time on a computer so that more students may have access to them.
  • Enter the computer lab with only their notebooks; textbooks and library books are not allowed in the lab.
  • Report any damages immediately to the computer lab supervisor.