Division of Theology and Church History

T1123 Christology/Soteriology

An examination of the principal topics concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ from the perspective of historical, systematic, and biblical theology.

T1143 Church History I & II

A historical study of the people, culture, events, and theological developments in the Church, from its inception through the Reformation and to the present day. In this light students consider practical applications and responses to the present-day role of the Church.

T1213 History of the Church in Africa

An overview of the origins and development of Christianity in Africa as part of global Church history. The course highlights the point that Christianity was not introduced by Europeans, but has been a continuous force on the continent since the first century A.D. Students consider the development of the Northern and Eastern churches, the history of colonization and its effect on missions, and the current situation and future of the indigenous African church.

T1223 Apologetics

An examination and explanation of the relationship that exists between faith and knowledge for the Christian life. The student will be better equipped to defend his or her faith and Christian doctrines in a complex and changing world.

T2213 Johannine Theology

A study of Johannine theology as found in the Gospel and the Epistles of John. Special attention is given to John’s concept of God, the Logos, the Spirit, life, light, love, and knowledge. John’s treatment of the Gnostic problem is also considered.

T2223 Pneumatology

A study of the biblical theology of the Holy Spirit considering the Spirit’s person, offices, gifts, administration, and ministry, with emphasis on His missional role.

T3113 Islam in Africa

A study of the Muslim world, the life of Mohammed, major beliefs and practices, and sects and schisms, especially as found in Africa. Students will develop a conceptual “bridge” from Islam to Christianity.

T3233 African Contemporary Theology

An analysis of selected theological themes of several major independent church movements in Africa. The course gives special attention to apparent methods of biblical contextualization used by these groups to achieve relevancy to the culture and examines the dangers of syncretism.