Purpose of the Master of Arts Program

The Master of Arts degree is designed for men and women whose ministerial skills and demonstrated competence qualify them for continued education at the master’s degree level. In offering the degree, AGGST manifests its conviction that Christian ministers should be encouraged to improve their skills and enlarge their vision in order to be the most effective ministers of Jesus Christ. Effectiveness and excellence in ministry includes these components:

  • An understanding of biblical materials at a significant level
  • A growing knowledge of theology and its practical application
  • A greater awareness of the social, political, and ethical dimensions of the Christian faith
  • An increased sensitivity to the problems and potential of people
  • An acquaintance with a wide range of media
  • A high level of competence in written and oral communication
  • An ability to transcend cultural differences and traditions with innovative outreach methods
  • An ability to go beyond the traditional techniques of ministry, using more effective methods of ministry
  • A steadily maturing relationship with God and an increasing understanding of servanthood
  • An emphasis on the Pentecostal distinctive of our faith

Excellence in Applied Research

The Master of Arts degree program emphasizes research. Research at AGGST is associated with practice rather than pure academics. The program seeks to motivate students to carry research and study through to practical action, to apply biblical theology to the needs of people. To permit the students to remain in their positions of ministry and apply what they have learned, all courses are offered in block sessions.

The final phase of the program involves the writing of a thesis related to the student’s ministry. It requires a high level of competence and skill as the studies are applied to the context of practical ministry. AGGST considers the MA program a part of a lifelong process of personal development and cultivation of experiences leading to excellence in ministry. The theoretical part of the program is intellectually demanding, but the application of that knowledge is much more challenging.

AGGST offers the MA degree in Theological Studies. Courses are offered in both French and English. All students complete six core courses, then seven more courses within a chosen area of concentration. Courses are held yearly over an 11-week period, from May through July. Students attend classes for two years, then dedicate the third year to their thesis research and writing.

Courses are offered within seven academic divisions:

BIB  Bible

EDU  Christian Education

GEN  General Education

LDS  Leadership

MIS  Missiology

COU  Counseling

REL  Religion