Division of Bible

B1223 Exegesis I

An investigation of the basic principles for interpreting the Bible in its various genres. The student is required to write a paper in which he or she applies these principles to a problematic passage.

B2113 Romans and Galatians

An exposition of these epistles with careful consideration of the doctrines of sin, salvation, and sanctification. The course explores the relationship of God to Israel; the believer’s obligation to God, to government and to his fellowman; legalistic and antinomian tendencies; the relation of law and grace; and Christian liberty as set forth in these books.

B2123 Acts

An expository study, chapter by chapter, of the Book of Acts, placing emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit in the birth and growth of the Early Church and with a particular emphasis on the missiological implications for today’s Church.

B2223 Biblical Archeology/Intertestamental History

An examination of ancient archaeological finds in the Middle East, for the purpose of understanding Old and New Testament cultures and languages. Consideration is given to the intertestamental period as a means of better understanding the life of Christ and the message of the New Testament.

B3213 Major Prophets

A study of the Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel in their historical contexts. The prophets, their call, their cultural setting, and the missional message God gave them to preach are considered. Special attention is given to messianic and eschatological themes.

B3223 Exegesis II

A study of the methods of doing exegetical analysis on selected passages. These methods are employed as the student produces several formal, exegetical papers.