Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination is taken after the completion of the core courses, before the student is allowed to continue with the final six courses, the practicum, and the writing of the thesis. The examination is based on four of the six core courses:

LDS 501     Christian Leadership in the Socio-political Context of the Church
BIB 501      Old Testament Genres and Issues
BIB 502      New Testament Genres and Issues
REL 602     Contemporary African Theology

A grade of 3.0 is required to pass the examination. If a student fails to achieve the minimum passing grade, he or she is required to review the area(s) found insufficient. The student may then take another examination specific to the area(s) of weakness. However, the student cannot take the second, remedial examination until he or she has spent at least 6 months reading and reviewing in the area(s) of weakness. If the students fails to achieve a minimum grade in the second examination, he or she is dismissed from the program.

When a student successfully completes the comprehensive examination, the director of graduate studies sends him or her an official letter. The student is then advanced to candidacy status.