Electronic Submission of Term Projects

Guidelines for Submission

The electronic submission of post-course assignments and term papers must follow these guidelines:

1. The assignment should be prepared using Microsoft Word. The paper must be formatted for A4 paper and use the font Times New Roman, size 12. Take care to save and name the file.

2. Assignments must be sent to registrar@waast.org. Work is to be submitted on or before the due date.

3. The assignment must be sent as an attached file with an e-mail message. The message should clearly state the following for each paper being sent: your name, the name of the course, the professor, and the name of the attached file that contains the assignment.

4. Your financial account will be charged 50 FCFA per page for printing the document.

5. Any formatting errors that appear as a result of printing will be your responsibility if they affect the final project grade.

6. When returning for the next semester, always bring a hard copy of each term project and a copy of the e-mail verifying the date of the transmission.