Programs of Study

The academic programs at West Africa Advanced School of Theology are committed to fulfilling God’s mission, missio Dei, and aim to develop an integrated Christian worldview in a context of conservative, evangelical, and Pentecostal scholarship founded on biblical theology and in accordance with the Assemblies of God. WAAST is recognized for its high standard of scholarship and practical emphasis on ministerial skills to enhance the ministry of its students.

WAAST offers the Bachelor of Theology (129 semester hours) degree and the Post-secondary Diploma in Theology (96 semester hours) in both French and English. These programs are offered in two semesters each year: for 9 weeks in March/April, and for 6 weeks in August/September. The final semester leading to matriculation requires approximately 13 weeks at the Lomé campus, during which the student completes 18 semester hours. In the BTh program, these hours include the writing of a fifty-page thesis.

Bachelor of Theology Degree

Students who have earned a diploma from a recognized Bible institute and qualify to enter into the BTh program will receive 33 semester hours of transfer credit. To complete the BTh at WAAST, the student will need to successfully complete 96 credit hours and maintain at least a C grade average (2.0 on a 4.0 scale).

Post-secondary Diploma in Theology

To earn the Post-secondary Diploma of Theology, the student must complete a total of 96 credit hours. No credit is granted for work completed at a secondary-level Bible institute. The student who has acquired A-levels (equivalent to 12 or 13 years of primary and secondary education) must complete 66 credit hours for graduation. In the third year of the program, the first-semester Greek I course is replaced with one Global University/ICI course, and the second-semester courses Thesis and Greek II are replaced with two Global/ICI courses.