Division of General Education

G1113 Research Methods

A study of research techniques and the process of preparing a term paper and thesis. The course guides students in the selection of a topic, formation of an outline, research techniques, and preparation of note and bibliography cards, and offers an in-depth study of style in preparation for formal research and writing.

G1123 French

An introductory course in phonetics; conjugations of être, avoir, and the basic verb groups in the present tense and negative forms; formation of simple sentences; and the use of articles.

G1213 English Composition/Grammar

A study of English grammar, sentence structure, composition, vocabulary building, and spelling rules. Students learn to use the special aids available in the dictionary and in the library. Further work in phonetics is given as needed.

G2223 Cultural Anthropology

An examination of the cultural values and differences of various people groups, with emphasis upon development of an understanding and an appreciation of various cultural backgrounds and preparation for cross-cultural ministry.

G2233 Principles of Teaching

A study of the basics of Christian teaching: the biblical foundations; the relationships of teaching to the Christian ministry; and the fundamental principles of the teaching-learning process such as lesson planning, including goals, learning activities, methods of instruction, and evaluation.

G3113 Introduction to Philosophy

A study of the broad field of philosophy from a Christian perspective, with discussion concerning problems regarding knowledge, reality, ultimate concerns, and morality. The course presents a synthesis of various philosophical positions, and relates and compares each position to biblical truth.

G3243 Thesis

A major research and writing project that requires extensive biblical, exegetical research and a thorough literature review on a specific, approved topic. The student works personally with a mentor. This course is required for all students earning the Bachelor of Theology degree and serves as preparation for further work at the graduate level.