A Word from the President

Dear Friends,

Missiologist John York posed these vital questions: “Will the Pentecostal revival further develop as Africa’s greatest force for evangelism and missions? Or will this revival be relegated to the obscurity of a church history footnote identifying yet another ecclesiastical aberration?” These significant questions highlight the vital need for biblical and ministerial training in order to ensure that the truth of the gospel will continue to pass from generation to generation. Through effective training:

Church leaders will bring the gospel to the lost and hurting

Church leaders will strengthen the church in authentically biblical Pentecostal principles and practice

The Church will be thoroughly biblical in its worldview

The Church will be God’s missionary people who fully engage in His missionary plan for the nations.

WAAST’s main campus in Lomé, Togo, serves as a training center for 20 nations in West and Central Africa and in Madagascar. The school offers a Bachelor of Theology degree and a Post-secondary Diploma in Theology. Through the Assemblies of God Graduate School of Theology (AGGST), students can obtain the Master of Arts degree in theological studies. All programs are offered in both French and English. The campus also hosts a doctoral program in conjunction with Pan-Africa Theological Seminary (PAThS). The programs of WAAST and AGGST are recognized for their quality of academic scholarship and practical emphasis on ministerial skills. Each course is taught by a qualified professor.

Your spiritual growth, interpersonal relationships, and physical and emotional well-being are also important to WAAST/AGGST and their dedicated professors. WAAST/AGGST provide a setting in which to develop healthy, life-long patterns of study and behavior that will enhance the ministry to which God has called you.

Do you want to impact your world as a Pentecostal servant of God? Have you asked God where He would have you go for further training? WAAST/AGGST students have the opportunity to be change agents in their respective communities, from Lomé to Ouagadougou, to Freetown, to Kinshasa, to Antananarivo and to the ends of the earth. We invite you to consider WAAST and AGGST’s programs, training leaders to make a difference and to impact God’s mission in Africa and the world.

Rev. Mark R. Turney, President