WAAST Prayer Guide – February 28, 2021


Students are arriving on campus and begin the nine-week session on Monday. About 100 are expected, with another 15 or so arriving later in the session. Due to continuing COVID-related restrictions and economic challenges, some from other nations are not able to come. Some students have covered long distances by road to get here—from as far away as Guinea and Liberia! (Togo’s borders are still officially closed, but people coming for studies may gain legal entry.) Around 20 new students, mainly from Togo, will be joining the second- and third-year students in the WAAST community.

Please pray

  • for safe and hassle-free travel for students, and especially that border officials would respect the school’s request and allow those from Ghana to enter Togo;
  • for safe travels for professors who will be teaching during the sessions; some are coming from Ghana, Cameroon, and Burkina Faso as well as from within Togo;
  • for smooth adjustment for new students as they adapt to campus life and cultural differences and confront new ideas and challenges in the classroom;
  • that the Holy Spirit would guide each professor as he or she teaches, and that His sweet presence would pervade the campus, from the classrooms to the cafeteria.

Look what the Lord has done!

Praise God that despite the pandemic, many students are able to come and that restrictions are easing.