WAAST Prayer Guide – January 10, 2021


Angola’s people have been influenced by Roman Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, and prosperity churches. For 40 years they lived under Marxist rule. Over the years, many people outwardly adopted one or another of these belief systems, yet firmly adhered to their traditional worship of ancestors and nature spirits, a tendency that continues today. Only the Holy Spirit can set them free! In this context, the Assemblies of God is working and growing, and counts some 2.5 million adherents, 9,400 churches—and fewer than 1,200 trained pastors. Pentecostal Bible training is critical! Most churches are led by lay workers, who are required to study “Roots of Faith” courses to ground them in the Word. The Angola Bible Institute offers a high-school-level diploma in Bible and theology and has 15 extension centers around the country. The theological college is training 600 students at the bachelor’s level on its two campuses. Unfortunately, courses could not be held this past year due to the pandemic.

Please pray

  • that Bible school classes may resume in 2021;
  • for finances to complete the final phase of building on the main college campus, including dorms and another classroom building;
  • for the children and youth; nearly 50% of Angolans are under 15, and children make up more than half of the churches’ attendees. Pray they would learn to embrace Jesus and reject false teachings.
  • for students in the Bible training programs, from lay- to pastoral training, that they might be filled with the Spirit and the Word to better lead the churches;
  • for more qualified teachers, and for a couple to come full-time to train Angolans teachers and directors in higher theological education.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

Good progress has been made on the construction of new dorms and facilities on the theological school campus. Public schools continue to welcome the distribution of Book of Hope literature and Bibles to schoolchildren.