WAAST Prayer Guide – February 14, 2021


Africa’s only Spanish-speaking nation, EG gained independence from Spain in 1968. The Assemblies of God began work here about 20 years later and has grown to more than 9,000 adherents in a challenging religious context. Most Equatoguineans are nominal Roman Catholics but still hold to traditional animistic beliefs . In 2020, restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic closed churches for five months, and continue to affect the activities of churches and schools. The Bible school, directed by a WAAST graduate, was able to hold a late graduation ceremony in October 2020 for its eight candidates. Ten AG schools continue to teach hundreds of kids from kindergarten through middle school. Many of the 80+ churches have children’s church and youth activities, and many young people are involved in local King’s Castle discipleship programs.

Please pray

  • that outreach, church, and church-planting activities may fully resume;
  • for the Bible school and church-planters training program, and that more would respond to God’s call to prepare for full-time ministry;
  • for new workers coming to EG this year to help with church-planting and construction, evangelism, youth, and university ministries;
  • for more workers to serve in ministry to children, helping to develop curriculum and a national strategy for the AG to reach children.

Look what the Lord has done!

  • Thank God for growth in the Bible school; two more students graduated in 2020 than in 2019.
  • A translation of the New Testament in Fa d’Ambu, an indigenous language spoken in EG and Spain, was recently launched.