WAAST Prayer Guide – June 6, 2021


Hundreds of thousands more people pushed below the poverty line due to COVID-19. Islamic attacks. Political tension. Twenty of the 21 indigenous people groups considered unreached. In this challenging context, the Church in Niger is moving forward. In September 2020 the Niger Assemblies of God launched a new discipleship/church-planting initiative. The focus is first on forming disciples, and every church (about 120) is asked to train willing lay workers to establish new congregations, beginning with home cell groups. The lay-training school likewise continues to prepare more workers, and two Bible schools in Niger and one in Burkina Faso are training about 30 Nigerien pastors. Five pastors from Niger are enrolled in WAAST’s MA program. Unfortunately, the WAAST center in Niamey remains inactive for the time being.

Please pray

  • that the WAAST center may reopen with a coordinator and qualified students ready to learn;
  • that the Lord would raise up more workers to serve the churches and open the door for them to receive training within the churches or in the Bible schools;
  • for the creation of many new churches throughout the nation, and for land and buildings as needed;
  • for the few believers and churches in and near the dangerous border triangle, that God would protect and encourage them and use them mightily.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

Thank God for

  • freedom to worship and evangelize in this Muslim-majority nation, and for a return to relative normalcy despite COVID-19;
  • the broadcasting of services and teaching through social media, reaching many who would not attend meetings.