WAAST Prayer Guide – May 15, 2022


This center, located in Daloa, is currently in session with 15 first-year students and 3 in the second year. WAAST alumni, some 95 of them, are active in pastoring, planting churches, training over 700 more workers in the four Bible schools and other training programs, spreading the gospel through various media, serving as home and foreign missionaries, and more. The current Assemblies of God general superintendent and various current and past national AG leaders are WAAST alumni. Through its “5,000 Churches in 5 Years” initiative, the AG of Côte d’Ivoire is working toward a total of 5,000 churches nationwide by 2025. Many areas, especially in the Muslim-dominated north, are difficult to penetrate; more than 40% of the nation’s people follow Islam. Nearly 25% adhere to traditional animistic practices, which are often mixed with both Islam and Christianity. Pentecostal leaders and believers are needed to guide people to salvation and freedom in Jesus!

Please pray

  • that the Lord would open the door for more qualified students to attend this center;
  • concerning the availability of teachers; oftentimes the professors, because of their own ministry responsibilities, find it difficult to come teach;
  • for those beginning new works, particularly among resistant people, that they would find favor and open doors in the communities;
  • for the four Bible schools as they equip hundreds of Pentecostal workers and sends them out.