WAAST Prayer Guide – August 14, 2022


This semester 107 third-year students are working hard to complete their program. Most of them, particularly those from the extension centers, will not return home until after the November 12 graduation ceremony. Meanwhile, their families and churches/ministries carry on. In some cases, wives shoulder more of the church responsibilities in their student-husband’s absence. Deacons and lay leaders are called on to preach and fulfill more of the pastoral duties. Young children often ask when Daddy or Mummy will be home. As instability grows in some countries, students from these areas are naturally greatly concerned for their families and churches. At times, a student’s family has had to flee, or a baby is born, or a death occurs in the family while the student is here. The families and churches as well as the students sacrifice much to invest in their training. They all need our prayers !

Please pray

  • that God’s peace and His hand of protection would be on each home and each family member, and for His strength as the family manages the extra responsibilities during the student’s absence;
  • for those leading the churches/ministries, and for the spiritual growth of these leaders and the members during this time;
  • that overwhelming peace would fill each student, that he or she might study and finish well;
  • for the Lord’s blessing on each one who is making this investment in the further training of their spouse/pastor.