WAAST Prayer Guide – May 16, 2021


This extension center, based in Kumasi, was able to hold classes throughout 2020 despite pandemic restrictions. The center also provided help to 16 third-year students who could not cross the border into Togo to attend the second-semester 2020 classes, holding three of the courses for them. Nearly 400 Ghanaians have graduated from WAAST, most of them since the inception of this center in 1998. They serve as national, regional, and district church leaders, pastors, church planters, Bible school directors and teachers, and in media and compassion ministries. While Ghana is considered a Christian nation, false teachings, an unbalanced “prosperity gospel,” and the growing influence of Islam all seek to turn people from the truth of the gospel, and more Spirit-filled workers are needed to disciple believers who will stand and in turn disciple others.

Please pray

  • that the Lord would help pastors and pastors-in-training to stand firm against the temptations of prosperity teaching and personality cults and equip their people to do likewise;
  • for the health of churches, especially newly established ones, as some restrictions on meetings continue; some have largely dispersed during this past year;
  • for the growth of cell groups, as more people meet in homes, that these may become established and strong churches;
  • for the work among Nigerians in Kumasi’s ghetto area; recently more than 20, including the “ghetto chairman” have come to the Lord and are being discipled in a local church.