WAAST Prayer Guide – September 25, 2022


Many if not most WAAST graduates are involved in teaching others, whether it be lay leaders in their churches or God-called students in formal Bible school settings. Many serve as directors and in various administrative positions in the 60+ Assemblies of God and other Bible schools throughout West and Central Africa. Many more serve as full- or part-time professors. Some travel to Bible school extensions to teach short-term courses to pastors and workers who cannot attend a resident program. Others direct and/or teach for lay training programs, equipping willing workers to better serve the churches. Their ministry of providing proper theological, Pentecostal training is vital. Without it, many church leaders and members are swayed by false doctrines, unbalanced prosperity teachings, even personality cults within churches, taking their eyes off Jesus and the Word. Those serving in Bible schools face many challenges. Resources to develop or maintain a campus may be lacking; many schools don’t have adequate housing for the number of students who enroll. Many need more library and computer resources. In some areas, civil unrest or terrorist activity has interrupted or even closed schools.

Please pray

  • for God’s strength and wisdom for administrators and teachers, that they might guide future church leaders to know God’s Word and walk in His Spirit;
  • for resources for each campus or training program, including funds to adequately pay professors and staff;
  • for protection over schools in unstable areas, and that their very presence would be a witness and light in their communities;
  • for safety for those who travel to teach for extension programs, and for the students as they gather to learn;
  • that God-called believers in restricted nations may find opportunities to receive quality Bible training so they may in turn teach others.