WAAST Prayer Guide – April 25, 2021


This center is currently in session, with 18 students. Despite the pandemic, they were able to hold classes in 2020, some in person, respecting the protocols, and some by video conference. Nearly 100 WAAST graduates from this nation serve as leaders at national and district levels, pastors, Bible school directors and teachers, church planters, and more. The four Assemblies of God Bible schools in the country are training nearly 650 new workers. The AG is currently working toward the goal of 5,000 churches by 2024, and have grown from under 700 to nearly 3,000 since they began this emphasis in 2015. Côte d’Ivoire is home to 36 people groups considered unreached, both indigenous and foreign, many of them Muslim. Some workers are being trained to settle and work among a few of these groups.

Please pray

  • for more library resources for the center, and for more students for this center;
  • for the church-planting efforts, which have greatly slowed due to COVID-19;
  • for the growing Bible schools, all of which need more dormitories;
  • for more workers willing to go to the less-reached areas, and that those going would find open doors;
  • for those in the northern regions, under threat as jihadists operate in neighboring Burkina Faso. Pray the Lord would reveal himself to these militants.