WAAST Prayer Guide – September 5, 2021


Pentecostal churches, particularly the Assemblies of God, have spread throughout West and Central Africa, especially over the past 60 years. Their history is filled with stories of opposition, persecution, and martyrdom—and of great growth and victories. Many WAAST students and alumni today still face great challenges. Terrorist attacks (often targeting Christians), political conflicts, floods, and other disasters have displaced millions of people in various nations where they serve. In some areas churches have had to close as people flee, while in others churches are overwhelmed by incoming refugees. Many people who leave the religion of their ancestors to follow Jesus are threatened, rejected, even harmed by their families, and need a safe haven and discipleship. Since March 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic has further destabilized fragile economies, and also limited many church and outreach activities.

Please pray

  • for even greater growth and victory as the churches and pastors respond to the challenges and needs in their areas, and that the Holy Spirit would direct them;
  • for provision for churches to help refugees and others in need, and that the Lord would draw these people to himself as they see His love expressed toward them;
  • for divine strength and encouragement for pastors, missionaries, and church leaders working in areas of ongoing conflict and poverty;
  • for an end to the pandemic and related restrictions, and for freedom to minister in unstable areas.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

In one nation, churches in a town that is receiving many refugees fleeing terrorism are filling with new converts, many of them Muslims. Pastors who have had to flee their churches are planting others in new areas. In another nation, many seekers have been responding to intercessory prayer for them and have left their religion to follow Jesus.