WAAST Prayer guide – September 26, 2021


Most first- and second-year students have completed this year’s courses and returned to their families and ministries. Those in the third year are here for seven more weeks, completing their thesis projects and final courses. Meanwhile, their families and churches at home carry on. Many spouses take on extra responsibilities as parents and church leaders while the students are here. Young children ask when Daddy or Mummy will be home, and sometimes crises arise. Two students have lost close family members during this semester. Some students come from unstable areas and are naturally concerned for their family’s safety. For some, finances to pay school fees and to meet needs that arise at home are an issue, especially as the pandemic has affected them and their church economically. They need our prayers !

Please pray

  • for God’s protection over each family at home, and for His strength to meet the demands of family and ministry while the student is away;
  • for wisdom for those leading the churches or ministries in the students’ absence;
  • that overwhelming peace would fill each student, that he or she might study and finish well.
  • that the Lord would meet every financial need in miraculous ways.