WAAST Prayer Guide – December 18, 2022

This week pray concerning INSTABILITY & PERSECUTION

Many WAAST students and alumni who minister in West and Central Africa face dual challenges: instability and the increased persecution of believers. Instability: As religious and political conflict spreads in many nations of Africa, these workers and their churches are offering earthly help and eternal hope to people caught in the crossfire. More than 25 million people in sub-Saharan Africa are internally displaced due to conflict and violence alone; more than half of these live in West and Central Africa. Millions more live tenuously in the midst of chronic unrest. Areas are destabilized at times by floods, drought, and other natural disasters, driving still others away from home or ruining them economically. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on already weak economies still impact many nations. Persecution: Many people who leave the religion of their ancestors (e.g., animism, Islam) to follow Jesus, are threatened, even harmed and thrown out by their families. They need a safe haven, a new community, and discipleship. We thank God that many hurting people can find Assemblies of God and other Bible-believing churches in places where they live or where they have fled.

Please pray

  • for divine strength and encouragement for church leaders, missionaries, and believers living in troubled areas, and that the Lord would protect them and use them to bring others to peace in Jesus;
  • for provision for churches to help refugees and others in need, and that the Spirit would draw these people to God as they see His love expressed toward them;
  • for the thousands of pastors and church members who have been displaced by conflict;
  • for church leaders as they minister to new believers who face persecution. This sometimes involves providing them a safe place to stay and helping them “start over.”