WAAST Prayer Guide – September 11, 2022

This week pray for EVANGELISTS

In the New Testament, a euaggelistés (evangelist) is a “bringer of good news.” While all Christians are called to share the Good News of salvation in Jesus, some are especially called to this ministry, to follow the Spirit’s leading to bring the News to those who have not heard. They may ride a bicycle or motorcycle, navigating rude roads to reach a remote village. They may go into the ghettos or prisons to share this healing News with hurting hearts. They may travel with a team to a town, visit the authorities and townspeople, and hold meetings, often with music and a gospel film. They may accompany a church-planter to help open a new work, or hold special meetings at a pastor’s invitation to help strengthen an existing church. If possible, they work closely with a pastor near their targeted area, so that other believers may follow up new converts; if this is not possible they may stay to disciple them before moving on. Their ultimate goal is to see new churches opened and people established in the faith.

Please pray

  • that the Spirit would go before these evangelists to prepare hearts to hear the Good News they are bringing, and that they might be received with favor in each community;
  • for several teams of evangelists-in-training currently working in several villages in Togo to strengthen existing churches and to plant new works;
  • that the Lord would continually press on the hearts of these servants the desperate need of souls for salvation, that they would stay focused on their calling;
  • for the spiritual life of each one, that they might stay strong in the face of temptations to compromise for the sake of money or influence.
  • for protection from accidents, bandits, even terrorists, as evangelists and their teams travel.