WAAST Prayer Guide – September 18, 2022

This week pray for MISSIONARIES

Numerous WAAST alumni serve or have served as intercultural missionaries, reaching people in another country or an ethnically different group within their own nation. Several students and alumni have shared their burden to go to certain restricted countries. Wherever they serve, these missionaries quickly learn the importance of depending on the Holy Spirit’s leading, wisdom, encouragement, and power. They need His leading to identify a “person of peace”—a sympathetic person in the community who will be a bridge to reaching others—and to find those who can help them learn the language and adjust to cultural norms. They need His wisdom as they share the Good News with people who may receive it apathy, suspicion, or even hostility; when conflicts arise between missionary colleagues; or when a family member is struggling. They need His encouragement in times of loneliness, discouragement, or sickness, or when resources are stretched thin. They need His power to face spiritual attacks that will come in many forms as the Enemy fights to keep lost souls from the Truth.

Please pray

  • for these missionaries and their families, that the Holy Spirit would be their constant Companion and that they would strive each day to walk in His leading;
  • for good relationships on the field, with neighbors, authorities, and other missionaries, and for favor as they work to build the Church;
  • for the children of missionaries, for their spiritual, emotional, and physical health, and for their readjustment when they return to their home countries;
  • for God provision for missionary families and for ministry projects, and for His protection over them and their work;
  • for the WAAST students and graduates who sense a missions call, that the Lord would lead them in His time.