WAAST Prayer Guide – October 3, 2021


In nine countries of West Africa, the national Assemblies of God is led by a WAAST alumnus. Many alumni serve on the AG Executive Committees in both West and Central African nations. Still more serve as district/regional church leaders, overseeing dozens or even hundreds of churches. Others head various departments at the national level. They work together to set priorities and to implement initiatives to further God’s kingdom in their respective countries, and to reach beyond them through sending missionaries. Their strategies differ from country to country and even district to district. In some areas, people are receptive to the gospel, while in others the predominant religions make reaching them very difficult. During this time of pandemic, these leaders have faced great challenges as they guide the churches and help support struggling pastors and Bible schools as they can. They need God’s wisdom and anointing as they lead.

Please pray

  • that the Holy Spirit would guide these leaders and their committees as they focus on spreading the gospel and building the Church in their nations, and help them to grow together in unity and humility;
  • for wisdom in responding to the challenges posed by the pandemic, which still restricts activities in some places, and for provision for pastors who now have little or no income;
  • for district/regional leaders, that the Spirit would direct them as they guide churches to reach their particular communities and encourage, counsel, and sometime discipline pastors.