WAAST Prayer Guide – July 17, 2022


After nearly two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, all activities—women’s, men’s, youth, and children’s meetings, choir practices, various prayer meetings, and Bible studies—have fully resumed. On Easter Sunday the first water baptism service since 2019 was held, with 73 baptized. The Chapel has for many years needed a new facility, as the existing structure lacks any dedicated classroom, office, and meeting spaces and must use the school’s facilities. Plans have been drawn and the first stone laid for the new building, and construction should begin in the next few months. The Chapel’s outreach continues online (you can join the French/English services at https://tinyurl.com/youtubecif) and on Radio Jesus Loves You. Various teams are active in evangelism, ministry to the sick, and intercession. A ministry called Zero Indigents seeks to help the unemployed, widows, and needy youth and children materially and spiritually. A church-planting project is being planned for the Kara Region.

Please pray

  • for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Chapel, and that a spirit of revival would draw members closer to Jesus and attract others to Him;
  • that promised funds would come in and construction may begin very soon on the new building;
  • for the children as they learn to engage in ministry through monthly workshops and occasional opportunities to share in services;
  • that many more people would be reached through the Chapel’s online presence and find their place in the body of Christ;
  • for the church-planting project: that the Lord would prepare hearts to receive the message the evangelism team will bring, for land, and for a building and pastor.