WAAST Prayer Guide – November 21, 2021


Whether they are working alongside their pastor husbands (and overseeing the church when their husbands are away at WAAST), teaching youngsters in a Christian school, discretely discipling a secret believer, talking to young ladies about godly marriage, evangelizing, and even planting churches, women serve in vital roles in ministry. More women are seeking training, and in some cases wives come with or follow their husbands to WAAST. One pastoral couple is working on their Master’s degrees, one in Christian education and one in counseling, to better serve together. As women are being more accepted in leadership positions both in churches and Bible schools, they need solid theological, Pentecostal training. Some live in cultures that belittle women, who are restricted or work with little recognition, but serve with willingness and grace, setting an example for others of faithfulness to God’s call.

Please pray

  • that the Lord would encourage and guide each woman in her respective ministry and give her much fruit;
  • for married women as they serve alongside their husbands, or fulfill their own particular calling, that they might wisely balance family life and their own ministry commitments;
  • that the quiet testimony of those working in cultures that demean women would encourage other women and help to bring change to that culture;
  • for single ladies serving in ministry, that they might be wise and effective, and (the prayer of some of them!) that the Lord might give them a godly husband.