WAAST Prayer Guide – January 16, 2022


This past July the first graduating class of the CAR Assemblies of God’s Bible institute—36 men and women—received their diplomas and are now involved in evangelism and church-planting projects. A new class of 23 is currently in session. The AG and other Pentecostal/Evangelical churches in CAR face great challenges. While about three-fourths of the people in CAR claim to be Christians, most are so in name only and continue their traditional religious practices as well. Since 2013, political and religious unrest between government forces and various armed militia groups—some Muslim, some “Christian”—have made it difficult to evangelize and to plant churches. While churches in the cities now meet in relative security, the situation in the countryside has recently become more dangerous, and the number of internally displaced people has risen to nearly 700,000. This instability and COVID-19 have hurt the already fragile economy. Only those who know Jesus can offer lasting answers to hurting people as they share His message of love and salvation! An alumnus who directs the Bible school and serves in national church leadership shares several requests.

Please pray

  • “first of all, for the return of peace to our country”;
  • for this year’s church-planting projects; “the new church planters are very committed but are running up against financial challenges as they try to obtain the materials and documents needed”;
  • for the new students in the Bible school as they begin their three-year course of studies;
  • that the Lord would move among the young people who are active in the churches and call many of them into full-time service for Him;
  • that God would protect and encourage believers living in unstable areas, and that He would use them mightily to share the gospel with those around them.