WAAST Prayer Guide – March 20, 2022

This week pray for NIGERIA

More than 214 million people live in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation. Roughly half follow Islam, mainly in the north, and the others identify as Christians (25% evangelical), generally in the south—and all are influenced by traditional animism. The spiritual battle between the Cross and the crescent rages throughout this country, as Muslim herdsman and local and imported terrorists use threats, attacks, and kidnappings to gain political and economic ground as well as converts to Islam. Meanwhile, the Assemblies of God and many other evangelical and Pentecostal churches work to bring people the message of eternal hope, peace, and salvation in Jesus. WAAST has graduated nearly 200 students from Nigeria; they are involved in various levels of church leadership, pastoring, theological training, media ministries, youth and children’s ministry, compassion work, missions and church-planting, and more. An alumnus share these prayer requests:

Please pray

  • for God’s guidance in the election of the next leaders of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria, in November;
  • for a move of God in the churches, and for the leaders, that they might keep their focus on God’s mission;
  • for God’s protection and help against “evil maneuvering, such as kidnappings, ritual killings, and other social vices in our communities”;
  • for missionaries and pastors in the Muslim-dominated north, who face great difficulties and challenges;
  • for provision for pastors, churches, and the students in the 12 Bible schools; the economy is unstable and many are needy.