WAAST Prayer Guide – August 29, 2021


Islamic theology directly opposes the biblical view of a loving God who seeks a relationship with all people. Islam’s god, Allah, is demanding and distant, and Muslims are taught to seek to please him by following the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad—teachings that reject Jesus as the Son of God and that consider followers of Jesus to be infidels. As Islam gains influence throughout Africa, WAAST students and alumni face greater challenges in their ministries. Pastors and believers have been evicted for holding services in their rented home. Muslims refuse to sell land to a church or even to a Christian. Local Muslim officials may withhold permission to hold events. In some areas, jihadist activity has made travel dangerous, making it more difficult to hold camps and conferences. Strict security measures are imposed in churches in areas where kidnappings and attacks are a constant threat. Muslim charities often woo people with offers of financial help, a roof, well, education, etc., and Muslim men seek to marry Christian girls. These challenges must be met with God’s wisdom and with prayer.

Please pray

  • for wisdom for pastors working in Muslim contexts, that they might lead by example and teach their people to pray for and befriend Muslim neighbors;
  • that churches and believers would find favor in their communities and that they would stand firm in the face of temptation or threats;
  • for young people in the churches, especially girls, who are often targeted with offers for a “better life” in Islam;
  • for healings and power encounters among Muslims, and that Muslim seekers would have revelations of Jesus.