WAAST Prayer Guide – July 4, 2021


PAThS is the continent-wide doctoral school of the Assemblies of God and is based on the WAAST campus. For the first time since 2019, classes on campus resume on Monday for some 20 PAThS students. In 2020, some courses were held via Zoom teleconferencing, and some were able to meet in person at the PAThS extension centers in Tanzania and Nigeria. The pandemic and other factors have spurred the development of a hybrid online/in-person system to better serve students around the continent. After years of careful research and preparation bathed in prayer, PAThS French program will begin offering courses in June 2022. In 2020, PAThS graduated two students, both WAAST alumni and both very involved in serving the school. The Lord is using these and others in leading and training other to build His Church throughout Africa.

Let’s pray

  • that the Lord would guide the PAThS team in finding a new chancellor;
  • for more workers; as Vice Chancellor Dr. Pennington attests, “Because of our very specialized niche, qualified, passionate, focused workers for PAThS are very challenging to find”;
  • for God’s blessings on the centers in Tanzania (21 students) and Nigeria (10 students) and for their growth;
  • for those who are working on and defending their dissertations.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

Praise God

  • for the launch of the French program, for which we (and many French-speaking Africans!) have prayed for many years,
  • for the opening of the extension sites; the Nigeria center is led by a WAAST alumna.