WAAST Prayer Guide – October 16, 2022

This week pray for YOUTH PASTORS

Some WAAST students and alumni serve as pastors for young people (late teens to marriage) in their respective nations, as well as heads of district and national youth departments. Grounding youth in God’s Word, discipling them, and leading them into the baptism of the Holy Spirit are vital to helping this vulnerable age group face the challenges of entering into adult life. Many of those who complete their schooling, even at university level, find few job opportunities. Some jobs are tied to cults that employees are obligated to join. In areas of unrest, unemployed youths may be lured into joining political factions or terrorist groups, as jihadists offer young men more pay than any job would provide, and Christian girls are wooed by Muslim men. Young people from Muslim or animistic families who turn to Jesus often face persecution and may be forced to leave the home or to keep their faith a secret. Sadly, even in some churches false teachings lead young people to focus on material prosperity instead of on eternal values. Youth pastors help them to live a life of confident trust in God and to find and follow His will.

Please pray

  • for the spiritual and family lives of youth pastors, that young people would see their example of godly living;
  • that the Lord would work through them to help young people deal with temptations that would require them to compromise their faith;
  • that God would strengthen young people who serve Him to resist temptation, and make their lives a victorious testimony before their peers and family;
  • that the Holy Spirit would encourage and protect young people who face rejection for following Jesus;
  • that the Lord would grant wisdom to youth pastors to guide and disciple these young people.