WAAST Prayer Guide – July 10, 2022


We praise God for new improvements on the campus—and we pray for the means to meet other growth-related needs. The three-story dormitory begun at the end of 2020 should be finished in time to house up to 72 of the students coming for the second semester in August. Some covered parking areas for students’ vehicles are being built. Every house for permanent campus residents is filled, and more housing for visiting faculty is needed. An older house on campus will soon be renovated to better serve short-term guests and teams, and another lodging converted into a dorm. Classrooms need to be enlarged and new ones added as other rooms, such as the student chapel, are pressed into service for large groups. The library that seemed more than adequate for future growth when it was built in 2006, now needs to be expanded or rebuilt as materials and study areas for students claim more space. Thankfully, more resources are becoming accessible online, in French as well as English. The Internet speed and stability have both improved, allowing professors to teach their class by teleconference if necessary.

Please pray

  • that the dorm would be completely ready to welcome its first residents in a few weeks;
  • for resources for the renovation and building projects, as well as for maintenance and repairs on aging structures;
  • for the various local workers, mainly young men or teens, who come to the campus as part of a crew, that they may sense God’s presence here and that this would influence their lives;
  • for wisdom concerning the expansion of the library;
  • for more doctrinally sound library resources in French.