WAAST Prayer Guide – February 6, 2022

This week pray for GUINEA-CONAKRY

Last September, Guinea suffered a coup d’état and came under military rule. Thank God, the work of the Church continues! Despite many challenges in this 90% Muslim nation, the Assemblies of God of Guinea is mobilizing its 213+ churches to plant others. Thirty-six new workers are studying in the Bible school; 14 will graduate in June. Seventy lay workers are in training, and a formal lay-training center is under construction in an interior town. To show God’s love and bless their communities, most churches offer some kind of social service, such as health care, vocational training, or access to wells. Six AG primary schools serve hundreds of children. A WAAST graduate serves as general superintendent, and five other alumni are involved in leadership, church planting, and training. Two new students from Guinea will be starting at WAAST later this month. Alumni share the following prayer requests:

Please pray

  • that the Lord would call more workers and provide for their training at the Bible school and/or WAAST.
  • for those involved in planting churches, especially for favor in finding land to buy or rent; many Muslim landlords refuse to deal with Christians and churches, and some churches have recently lost their leases;
  • for funds for church-planting projects and social works in this very poor nation;
  • for the completion of construction at the Bible school in Conakry and at the lay-training school in the interior;
  • for the government as a new transitional counsel has been put in place. Some Christians have been given positions; “May they be the Josephs and Daniels of our time in this country.”