WAAST Prayer Guide – December 11, 2022

This week pray concerning TRIBALISM & REGIONALISM

No matter where they minister WAAST students and alumni face the challenge of tribalism, the belief that one’s people group is superior, and regionalism, the idea that the people of one’s defined region should hold the power. These attitudes are common wherever there are people—and sadly, they affect not just the nations and communities outside the Church, but seep into churches at the local and even the national level. Such churches become divided, or ingrown, refusing to reach out to bring “different” people into the Kingdom. The Bible gives a different picture of the Church as she gathers to worship before God’s throne: “there…was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb” (Rev. 7:9, emphasis added). God created, loves, and seeks after all people and never intended false, earthly divisions to exclude others from the one heavenly, holy tribe gathered around His throne to worship the Lamb.

Please pray

  • that the Holy Spirit would help church leaders to resist the temptation and even pressure to favor some people groups over others, and to model for their congregations God’s love for all people;
  • that WAAST students, alumni, and other church leaders and workers would continually keep in mind this vision and work toward adding people to the number in this diverse crowd–-the Church—who will spend eternity together;
  • for those who struggle with a sense of rejection, that the undiscriminating love of God’s people would draw them to Him;
  • for those who suffer persecution because they have “betrayed” their tribe to follow Jesus. May God use them to bring others to the Lord.