WAAST Prayer Guide – September 4, 2022


WAAST alumni serve as general superintendents of the Assemblies of God Fellowships in nine West African nations and of the sister Full Gospel Mission in Cameroon. In even more countries, alumni hold posts on their executive committees. Others head various departments: men, women, youth, children, missions, Sunday school, social services, and more. Many alumni oversee dozens or even hundreds of churches as district/regional pastors. Together these leaders seek God’s direction to respond to the challenges facing the churches and society in which they work. They set priorities and goals, e.g., for church-planting, evangelism, the sending and support of missionaries, discipleship/Bible training, and they mobilize pastors and churches to reach them—with the ultimate goal of bringing more people into God’s Kingdom. The challenges these leaders must address vary greatly. Some challenges come from within the churches, as false doctrines, tribalism, or dissension distract people from the Christ-centered gospel. A different set of challenges arise in areas where terrorism or conflict cause many to flee or live in constant danger; in other places, churches receive and minister to refugees from these conflicts. Leaders at every level need the Lord’s help to rightly guide His Church in every situation.

Please pray

  • that the Holy Spirit would grant His wisdom to these leaders as they identify and respond to challenges and needs—both within the churches and in their communities—so that God may be glorified and His Church may flourish;
  • for the healthy spiritual life of each leader, that collectively they might work in unity and humility;
  • that the Lord would use these leaders and their exemplary lives to help pastors and believers to keep their focus on Jesus and his Commission to go and make disciples;
  • for district/regional leaders, for the Spirit’s direction as they help the churches to reach their communities, and counsel, encourage, and sometimes discipline pastors.