WAAST Prayer Guide – September 19, 2021


What is the role of the Christian in secular politics? Should one seek office, hoping to be a change agent and witness in this influential sphere? Should a church or denomination campaign for a favored candidate? These challenging questions are the subject of much debate. Dedicated Christians who hold secular political posts may have a great influence, but they face tremendous temptations to compromise biblical values. Some churches who align themselves to a certain party later wish they had remained apolitical, and their testimony suffers. Sadly, politics often enters into churches, from the local to the national level, distracting leaders and members from the primary tasks of missions and discipleship and leaving jealousy and hurt in its wake. We live on earth, under temporal earthly governments, but our focus must remain on the Kingdom, which is heavenly and eternal.

Please pray

  • for government leaders, according to 1 Timothy 1: 1-3, that we might live godly lives and bring others to salvation;
  • for believers who hold office in their communities, regions, or nations, that they might be a godly influence and remain unyielding in their faith;
  • for church leaders at all levels, that they would keep their focus on Kingdom work, wait on God to place them in the position He desires, and use their position to serve their communities and members for God’s glory.