WAAST Prayer Guide – October 31, 2021


Some WAAST students and alumni serve as missionaries, either in another country or in an ethnically different region of their own nation. They face the challenges of language learning, navigating cultural differences, and dealing with culture shock. They must learn how people think and what they value so they can more effectively present the gospel in their context. Some missionaries serve in areas where people are open and eager to accept the Good News. Others serve in areas where they cannot openly preach or even share their testimony, but must find discrete ways to show and tell of God’s love. Some face overt opposition and must be very wise as they deal with seekers and disciple those who choose to follow Jesus. Loneliness, lack of resources and of Christian fellowship, conflict between workers on the field, disease, and spiritual attacks are other trials missionaries may face. Their reward? The joy of obedience to this high calling as they say, like Paul, “this is what the Lord has commanded us: ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth’ ” (Ac 4:37)!

Please pray

  • for missionary families, that the Spirit would encourage them; the Enemy discourages many through attacking the family in various ways;
  • for God’s protection over workers in resistant areas, for divine favor in the communities, and for a “person of peace”—a sympathetic person in the community who will be a bridge to reaching others;
  • for humility and patience for missionaries as they learn the language and culture, and for wisdom as to how to best share the gospel;
  • for ministry resources and provision for missionaries and their families. Some have lost support during the pandemic. Some who serve in resistant areas, where visible results are few, lose support when supporters’ expectations are not met. May the Lord meet every need.