WAAST Prayer Guide – October 23, 2022

This week pray for CHILDREN’S WORKERS

About 42% of the people in sub-Saharan Africa are under age 15. A WAAST alumna who focuses on children’s ministry calls this the “most neglected mission field” in Africa—and the most fertile. Children are open, curious, and quick to absorb the teachings of their parents and their community. Sadly, many are taught to worship Allah, or to participate in rituals to appease the local spirits, or to follow other false teachings. About 30% are not able to attend school (particularly girls), but must work to help the family or even fend for themselves. Leading children into a relationship with Jesus and discipling them is critical for the healthy continuation and expansion of the Church. Some WAAST students and alumni focus on children, reaching them through Christian schools, camps, outreaches, kid’s clubs, and more. Some work with vulnerable children, such as street kids and orphans. Others train children’s workers in the churches, insuring that they teach proper doctrine and use effective methods that engage these eager young learners. Often, as children learn of Jesus, they share their newfound faith with their family members. Some churches have even started with groups of children!

Please pray

  • for the children of Africa, who are often undervalued and neglected by society, that through caring workers they may see how much their Creator loves and values them;
  • that the Lord would give children’s workers favor and help them to build good relationships with families and communities;
  • for strength and wisdom for those who minister to children facing trauma, especially in areas where people live with the constant threat of attacks and kidnappings or where they are displaced and struggling to live;
  • that God would raise up more workers to serve this “neglected” but fertile mission field.