WAAST Prayer Guide – November 13, 2022


WAAST is governed by a multinational board made up of the superintendents of the national Assemblies of God (or partner) churches in the West and Central African countries that WAAST serves, as well as the US Assemblies of God missionaries working in these nations. Five of them, WAAST graduates from five nations, form the Executive Committee of the BoG. Some board members serve in nations where the gospel message is widespread and welcome, others where it meets with opposition or apathy as other religions dominate. Together these leaders provide valuable guidance, giving the WAAST administration a greater awareness of the needs and challenges they face. This broader picture helps the school to better prepare pastors and leaders, Bible school teachers, missionaries and evangelists, and other workers, to serve in these contexts. The Board of Governors meets yearly, over the weekend of graduation. They conclude their meeting Sunday, November 13.

Please pray

  • for the Spirit’s direction as the board members discuss issues, policies, and challenges;
  • for the Executive Committee, which meets twice a year on campus, and for the local Board of Administration, which serves the school on a more daily basis under the purview of the BoG;
  • for a continually growing sense of unity and of the urgent need to train and send workers. As religious and political conflicts shake more areas of West and Central Africa, more trained Pentecostal servant-leaders are desperately needed to take the gospel to the unreached and to disciple and train believers—and WAAST plays a vital role in meeting this need.