WAAST Prayer Guide – May 30, 2021


In a context of great poverty and strong pagan traditions, the Assemblies of God of Madagascar continues to grow as people see the stark difference between the formal mainstream churches that dominate, and the 900+ Spirit-led AG congregations. The AG has fewer than 600 trained pastors, and the Bible school and 10 extensions are preparing some 300 more. All of the 13 WAAST graduates from this center, both men and women, are involved in training and pastoring. Some are involved in national church leadership; church planting; youth work, including Royal Rangers clubs and AG schools; and in media ministries. Three women are currently enrolled in the Master’s program at WAAST, but ongoing COVID-19 restrictions have prevented their coming for courses in 2021. Some church activities have had to be canceled recently, and the air borders are closed into this island nation.

Please pray

  • for more qualified candidates so that this center, now on hold, may reopen;
  • that restrictions might be lifted and church and evangelistic activities might resume, and for the safe return of our center coordinator, who is waiting to return from the US;
  • that the Lord would send rain to the island, which is suffering its worst drought in 40 years, leaving more than a million people facing severe food shortages;
  • for God’s blessing on our alumni in their respective ministries and for continued growth of the churches.