WAAST Prayer Guide – May 29


This extension center started in 2009 and is directed by a WAAST graduate, who also heads the Assemblies of God’s Bible institute near Dakar. In this staunchly Muslim nation, church growth is slow—but it is happening! Before the pandemic, the Senegal AG, led by another WAAST graduate, began mobilizing its 60 pastors to open 50 new works. Even during the pandemic, cell groups and small works were started. Slowly but surely, this goal has been reached—but many more churches are needed! New churches need pastors, and currently 30 students are being prepared at the Bible institute (22 in class and 8 doing ministry internships). Due to ministry and scheduling challenges, only a few students have been able to complete the WAAST extension program. While there are officially 17 students, just 3 were able to attend the session last January. Praise God, seven new students plan to join the next session, in January 2023. This delayed date will help the coordinator determine the courses the lagging students need to catch up. Also, some Christian laymen will be offered the opportunity to take the entrance exam. The extension coordinator shares several prayer requests:

Please pray

  • that all current students may continue and complete the program, and that more would join them;
  • for more professors; there are currently only three, and others are being invited to teach the block courses;
  • for more books for the Bible institute/extension library and for a librarian;
  • for the church-planting efforts, especially for land, as often people do not want to sell to Christians;
  • for spiritual breakthroughs among the many resistant people groups, especially the majority Wolof.