WAAST Prayer Guide – May 23, 2021


Today is Pentecost Sunday! As we Pentecostals well know, this Sunday marks the day the Holy Spirit descended on those waiting in the Upper Room—and the empowering of these men and women to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. This empowerment is for all believers, in all places, to go to all places, and the Assemblies of God and many other fellowships in Africa take this mandate seriously. WAAST continually emphasizes the importance of Spirit-empowered missions. The Holy Spirit must accompany believers as they confront the forces of darkness inherent in animism, Islam, and other belief systems opposed to Christ. Only the Holy Spirit can set people free and restore them to a relationship with their Father through Jesus. Today across Africa, pastors will be emphasizing the importance of the baptism in the Holy Spirit and inviting people to receive His infilling for greater witness.

Please pray

  • that many believers would seek and receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit on this Day of Pentecost;
  • that those who are filled would find new opportunities to share their faith with boldness;
  • that pastors, youth leaders, and children’s workers would keep before the people of every age the vital importance of the gift of the Spirit;
  • that God’s missionary Spirit would call and equip people to take His Word to unreached or resistant peoples.