WAAST Prayer Guide – March 28, 2021


Normally, this week tens of thousands of Assemblies of God members would pack up the family and move to various venues around the country for the annual Easter conventions. As in 2020, these cannot be held this year. Last year all of Togo’s churches were shut down for at least 4 months, many for 9 months—and some in the capital city still have not been able to reopen. Pastors have ministered, taught, and counseled through social media and on Radio Jesus Loves You, on the WAAST campus. Efforts to plant new churches are ongoing, mainly through the use of house meetings. Evening services and activities are not allowed. Just this week, due to a rise in COVID cases, new restrictions were announced banning choirs and musical groups, and restricting weddings and funerals. The two Bible schools are currently in session, but many staff have not been paid for months.

Please pray

  • for divine provision for pastors, especially those in rural areas; Bible school students and staff, and Togo’s missionaries and church planters;
  • that the churches still closed may reopen and that evening meetings and all other church activities may resume;
  • for those who have fallen away during this time, that they may thirst for Jesus and be restored;
  • for those who have come to the Lord through online ministry, that they would become part of a local body and be grounded in their faith.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

As churches continue to broadcast services and prayer meetings online and through WhatsApp, many who do not normally attend church have been listening. A leader notes that Togolese in other countries are joining in, some of whom admitted they had not been attending church for some time.