WAAST Prayer Guide – March 27, 2022

This week pray for TOGO—OUR HOST COUNTRY

Since 1973 more than 300 Togolese pastors have graduated from WAAST. They have served or are serving as church leaders, from the national-church to the local-church level; as Bible school directors and teachers (who are required to be WAAST graduates); as missionaries both within and outside of Togo and as evangelists, youth and children’s workers, and much more. Some are involved in social and compassion ministries, such as schools and ministries to the handicapped, drug addicts, and the disenfranchised. Togolese pastors are aggressive church planters, opening “annexes” as their church grows. When the pandemic shut the churches, many quickly learned to make effective use of social media, which has helped keep congregations connected and provides opportunities for outreach to those who do not attend church, or whose religion forbids it. The two Togo Assemblies of God Bible schools are now requiring each student, after two years of classes, to plant a viable church over one year, before returning for the last year of school. He or can then return to serve this new work.

Please pray

  • for the upcoming General Council in July, in particular that the Holy Spirit would guide the elections for the Togo Assemblies of God’s executive leaders;
  • for God’s blessing on the efforts of students to open new works, with the help of a pastor/mentor;
  • for more workers (including these students) willing to serve among the more resistant people groups;
  • for those pastors and church members who suffered much during the pandemic lockdown; some churches were closed for nearly two years. Pray they will rise up stronger and more faithful than before.